Dog-friendly Dunnellon, Florida

There’s my dad, the best boat driver in the world!

I’ve come a long way since the streets of Miami, and I’m pumped to share my stories with you. Mom and Dad took me on my first big adventure a few months ago when they decided to move across the country to the land of Portland. They said Florida was sweaty, smelly, and boring, but I thought we had a lot of great times there. I really miss my best friend Sushi, a Boston terrier I lived with for a while before the big move. He smelled like salty salmon, and he loved to clean my teeth with his kisses. I wonder if he’s eating salmon treats without me right now.

Sushi cleaning my teeth.

When we were road-tripping out of Florida, we visited Uncle Steve in Dunellon who taught me all about life on the Rainbow River. I thought the sparkly river looked particularly terrifying, and I pretended to be brave when we first got in the boat. The boat shook like crazy when we first got on! I kept standing up to make sure Dad was okay, but he told me to just stay calm and he sang songs about me until I decided to “go lie down.” Mom was in her own little boat, laughing and taking pictures of us the whole time, and I made sure to woof if she got too far away from us. Overall, I give the Rainbow River two paws up!

Me and Dad having a great boat ride.

We visited my best pups in Georgia, then drove through a million other states. It literally took us forever to get to Portland. We stopped at so many parks along the way that by the time we got to Portland, I didn’t even feel like going to the doggie park. The doggie park is my favorite place in the whole world because I love to roll in the mud. I smell amazing after the park then mom ruins it with the bath. She makes me smell like freakin’ oatmeal and lavender, and all my friends laugh at me until I roll in the mud again. Mud is the bestest.

Ratings for Dunellon, Florida:Β 

Rainbow River:


Stay tuned for my next blog post, where I talk about dog-friendly fun in the land of Tennessee.


27 thoughts on “Dog-friendly Dunnellon, Florida

  1. Scarlett, you did a great job – pawfive! I like people who take their pets on their trip, there is always a funny story behind. Looking forward to reading more of your adventures.Thank you for sharing!

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  2. Awww, I’m sorry you are missing your friend Sushi, I’m sure he is eating salmon treats and thinking of you πŸ™‚ I hope you enjoyed your adventure in the boat as much as I enjoyed seeing the picture of you and imagining you in it as it wobbled πŸ™‚ Looking forward to your next adventure. #feetdotravel

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  3. What a great adventure and guess what?! I was watching a programme about St Louis and I thought of you! The picture of that big arch and Scarlett came straight to mind!! Now I will forever associate St Louis with Scarlett!

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  4. Rainbow River looks so peaceful! We haven’t been to Florida in aaaaaaages (it’s pretty muggy and hot, I agree with your mum and pop!), but if we ever make it back, we’ll have to stop here and float on the water for an afternoon. πŸ™‚

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  5. My dog agrees that mud is the bestest, next best is cat poop to roll in. Parts of Florida aren’t all that bad. We just moved to the Tampa area and we love the springs, hiking trails, and other outdoor activities. Do you ever wear a doggie life vest when on the water? Or are you just an amazing swimmer?

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    1. I just read this, sorry for the late response! We love Cigar City, what a great place for a pup to enjoy. I’m an okay swimmer but I prefer not to get wet if I have a choice πŸ˜‰


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