Dog-friendly hikes in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park

I fell in love with Tennessee and the Great Smoky Mountains National Park when we visited my Peepaw’s home last summer. The smells, crisp air, refreshing water, and laid-back atmosphere made me want to stay in the park forever.

There’s my Peepaw’s house.

He built the house and the barn all by himself. I was seriously impressed! He let me run all over, chase rabbits, eat poop, and other typical farm stuff.

Peepaw lets me sit in his lap because I’m just a little girl.

When I first got to the barn, I smelled something off. Then I saw him: the biggest dog with the awkwardest nose I had ever seen. I’m not going to lie — he looked freakin’ weird. I was mildly terrified. Peepaw let Shane the horse out to play with me, and he chased me around the yard. I woofed and told him to please go away. Shane the horse was the ugliest, scariest dog I’d ever seen. Peepaw said he looked like me … I was pretty insulted.

Shane the horse.

Once Shane the horse went back to his farmhouse, I finally got to relax and take a nap. The next morning, Mom and Dad said we could go hiking in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in Gatlinburg! I was so elated to go on another adventure.

Mom and me enjoying the Gatlinburg Trail.

Apparently there are only two hikes in the park that allow doggies, and we have to stay on a leash. We hiked around the Gatlinburg Trail. It was my first hike in the mountains, and one of the coolest trails I’ve ever been on. I got to jump on massive rocks, run through streams, and drink the refreshing, freezing water. Luckily I didn’t meet a bear. I hope we can go back to Tennessee soon and try the other dog-friendly trail on my list: the Oconaluftee River Trail. The Great Smoky National Park was so beautiful, I’m going to give it two paws up! Not Shane, though. He gets zero paws and a hoof.

Ratings for Gatlinburg, Tennessee:ย 

Great Smoky Mountains National Park:


Stay tuned for my next blog post, where I talk about dog-friendly destinations and fun in Nashville.



13 thoughts on “Dog-friendly hikes in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park

  1. Beautiful doggy! I too love the Smokies…wonderful hiking. If you ever get to come here to Ohio, Cuyahoga Valley NP is pet friendly. Happy travels!


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