Dog-friendly St. Louis, Missouri

Observing the arch from afar

I’m not a big sports fan — probably due to the fact that I was raised by two tremendously nerdy parents. I’m typically the dog at the park who ducks if a Frisbee is thrown in her direction. St. Louis seemed to revolve around baseball and sports, which I didn’t care for. We decided to go on a long walk and see if we could get a feel for St. Louis’ culture outside of the stadium. We started with the iconic Arch.

My dad took this pic of me in front of The Arch

The Arch was considerably bigger and more impressive in person. It’s a big deal because it’s the tallest arch in the world, was built as a monument of western expansion, and is a symbol of St. Louis. My parents made me take a silly picture in front of it, and I was unenthused and bored. I wanted to walk and explore the city more, so we did!

Me and Dad under a dirty old bridge

My mom urged us to take a picture under this dirty old bridge. She loves cave hiking, and said these were sparkly stalagmite sculptures. She can be so embarrassing at times. We found out later that Missouri is known as the cave state and has over 6,000 caves. Knowing Mom, we will definitely be back soon.

St. Louis butter cake
St. Louis butter cake

Apparently, you can’t leave St. Louis without trying a slice of the gooey butter cake. Me, Mom, and Dad shared two slices outside at Park Avenue Coffee, which has 73 flavors of butter cake. I love pumpkin, so Mom let me try some of the slice with pumpkin inside. I only got a bite because Dad said sugar isn’t great for pups. I could have eaten the whole cake myself; it was delicious!

My own bed at the Clayton Plaza Hotel

After a long day of walking, I was pooped (pooped is my favorite word for being tired)! We checked into the Clayton Plaza Hotel, and I was seriously taken aback. This hotel was the fancy-schmanciest dog-friendly hotel I ever stayed at. Chandeliers and all! The front desk team welcomed me and let me put my paws up on the front desk to say hello. They said I was a big dog (rude!), but that one time they let a Great Dane the size of a small horse stay there. We absolutely loved this hotel because it was a clean first class hotel, had amazing beds, no pet fees, and, best of all, no breed restrictions. The only tip I have for staying here is to remember to book a dog-friendly room in advance because they have certain rooms that are designated for pets.

Ratings for St.Louis, Missouri 

The Arch:


As fancy and dramatic as the arch was to observe, it is boring as hell for a pup! However, the surrounding area is nice for a long walk with your best friend.

Park Avenue Coffee, Downtown:


I have to admit, I’m a sucker for food so I couldn’t say no to a bite of delicious butter cake. Unfortunately, the outdoor seating area was small (roughly 2-3 tables) and there weren’t any dog-friendly items on the menu.

Clayton Plaza Hotel:


This was by far the most hospitable and comfortable dog-friendly hotel we have ever stayed at. We will be staying here any time we head to St. Louis and will highly recommend it to all of our friends — even the ones without doggies.

Stay tuned for my next blog post, where I talk about dog-friendly destinations and fun in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.


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29 thoughts on “Dog-friendly St. Louis, Missouri

  1. Woof woof from your Grammy. St Louis sounded fun in doggie eyes. Your blog is the best record for dogs everywhere who travel with their best friends or mamas and papas. I recommend this chapter two hands up! ♡


  2. Aren’t your parents mean for taking pics of you under a dirty bridge, and you rewarded them by letting them have a slice of the gooey butter cake but at least you get to sample a bit of the pumpkin so it was worthwhile for everyone 😀 Glad you liked the hotel, it did look like a palace fit for a dog 😀 #feetdotravel

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  3. So glad you had a great time in St. Louis which had nothing to do with sports – otherwise I may have had to stop talking to you (Chicahgo fans don’t like St Louis)! I would probably fight you for that delicious pumpkin cake (and lose). Thanks for sharing – it looks like you had another pawesome experience

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Scarlet you gave us some great places to visit in St. Louis. Love how you showed me by your Paws up sign. Glad to hear it is dog friendly and a plus for the hotel. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  5. What a fun post! That butter cake looks amazing (I want some, mmm) and what a fancy hotel! I haven’t seen many hotels that allow pets, so this is neat — and you get your own bed! Well done. We’ll have to check out St Louis sometime. Thanks for sharing, Scarlett! 🙂

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    1. We have found that our favorite pup friendly chains (that don’t typically have breed restrictions or pet fee’s) are Red Roof Inn, La Quinta, and Kimpton hotels. If you head to St. Louis, I would highly recommend that hotel, it’s definitely affordable luxury.

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  6. I went to St. Louis for a conference once in November and I was so cold I felt my ears would fall off. You should have gone up to the top of the Arch, it’s only $3. Beautiful view of the city on a clear day. I wish I knew about the butter cake when I was there!

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  7. Sounds like a fun time in St. Louis! We’ve only spent an hour or so there but would love to go back to visit the Arch one day. Thanks for the recommendations; the butter cake will be a requirement for me.


  8. I love reading these so so much!! I’m sorry you didn’t enjoy the post Scarlett, because it looks very exciting for humans! I would definitely like to get my paws on some of that buttercake as well!


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