Day trip: The Timberline Lodge at Mount Hood in Oregon

After our long, incredible day hike in the Willamette National Forest, I was pooped from running around on the ice all day. Mom and Dad bought me a delightful, comfy hotel room at the dog-friendly Lodge at Eagle Crest Resort in Redmond, Ore. Unfortunately, I didn’t get my own bed because Jena, Brian, and Pluto spent the night.

Please let me have my own bed tonight, guys!

In the morning, we went to look for a yummy breakfast around Redmond when Mom and Dad started freaking out. I thought there must have been some great meaty bones, a dog park, or a fun dog waiting for me, but they ended up taking me to the oddest place.

Blockbuster still exists?

Apparently, Blockbuster was a nostalgic part of Mom and Dad’s childhood, so we explored.

The sign that specified Blockbuster is now dog-friendly.

We walked around, and I was appalled to find out that Blockbuster was just a bunch of smelly old movies and video games. Boring! The lady there said the famous chain closed, and now they only have individually-owned franchises, with two locations in Oregon. My parents said they used to spend hours in there as children. Alrighty then.

Panorama by Papa.

Do you recognize the lady floating in the star of the panorama pic? Peanut butter points if you do! The nice lady at the counter gave me a treat, and we finally left Blockbuster to go on a real adventure.

View from the top of Mount Hood.

We drove a few hours and finally made it to the famous Timberline Lodge, where the outside of “The Shining” was filmed. Mom and Dad love scaries, so they played creepy music on the way up the mountain until we arrived at the iconic resort.

The Timberline Lodge.

It looked like a scary movie, and I honestly didn’t want to go in. But in we went!

Me scared in front of the main entrance.

I was not smiling when we took this picture. I could feel that this place was haunted, and I was ready to go home! (We found out later that the Timberline lodge is rumored to be haunted.)

Waiting to see if the lodge is pup-friendly. All work and no play makes Scarlett a dull girl.

Mom went to check and found out that fortunately the lodge wasn’t dog-friendly, and only allowed service animals. My dream came true, and I was lucky enough to hang out outside while Mom explored.

Picture of the Timberline Lodge dog.

Mom was very upset that the lodge wasn’t dog-friendly, since this dog was pictured enjoying the lodge all over the hotel. She read that since the 1930s, when President Franklin D. Roosevelt dedicated the lodge, Saint Bernards were the lodge’s resident dog and roamed the resort freely. Over the years, many St. Bernard mascots lived at the resort, with names such as Hansel, Gretel, Heidi, Bruno, and more. Heidi even had a famous children’s book written about her in the ’80s! There are currently two new resident St. Bernards named Heidi and Bruno, who live on a 40-acre farm nearby and visit the Timberline often to greet guests.

Skier descending the slope. Come play with us, skier. Forever. And ever.

It was beautiful out, so we enjoyed the snow and watched the skiers and snowboarders having fun. I tried to catch them as they sled by us. It was overall a fun little day trip back home to Portland, and we watched “The Shining” as soon as we got home. It was really woofing scary, and I’m again happy I didn’t have to go in there!


Lodge at Eagle Crest Resort:


I only gave the lodge one paw up because although it was pet-friendly and had comfy beds, the resort charged us a hefty pet fee of $25 per night, and you know how much we don’t like pet fees!



I gave Blockbuster a paw because even though it was a weird, old, smelly video store, they did let me in and gave me a treat.

Timberline Lodge:


Although the Timberline Lodge is a wonderful, beautiful destination for humans, they were not dog-friendly — unless you are a service dog. However, I don’t recommend it because it’s haunted and I’m a scaredy pup.

Stay tuned for my next blog post for more dog-friendly reviews of Oregon.


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25 thoughts on “Day trip: The Timberline Lodge at Mount Hood in Oregon

  1. Wonderful, woofaful,  Scarlett Begonias! The Mt. Hood Timberline was such a fab trip for mom, dad, you. So many fun memories for your Fans. I especially loved the Blockbuster tour with those old video movies. When your mama was litt

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  2. Wow, Scarlett, I can’t believe your pawrents took you to such a scary place. I could see you were very brave in the pics though. Well done on getting the Blockbuster lady to give you a treat!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Sounds like a great (of little scary in parts) trip! My Sally 🐶 Loves the fact there are so many dog friendly places in the states – and agrees that she wouldn’t want to have stayed in the haunted hotel either! She thinks Whoopi Goldberg is in the star 🐶🐶🐶

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  4. I am so jealous of your trip! We went to Portland last year but alas we did not have time to venture out this direction. I have way too vivid of an imagination to visit that haunted lodge – just thinking of it gives me the willies! So glad you had a great time!

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  5. What an unusual lodge! And might we add you are very brave! We are living vicariously through this post. Probably would not have the guts to go ourselves.

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  6. It really looks like a scary movie: although I´d like to visit! The Timberline Lodge looks so unusual… However, tha fact that they are not dog-friendly (not mentioning “haunted”) is less appealing… #feetdotravel

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  7. The views are really fantastic. Blockbuster seems to have evoked waves of nostalgia. It is always a great feeling when you go to places you have frequented as a kid, many years later.


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