Day trip: Sandy River Delta Park

The original plan was to head to Seattle for the second part of my birthday excursion. Unfortunately, we were rained out of Washington, so we headed back to Oregon to explore more of the beautiful Columbia River Gorge. On the way, we recalled hearing about what locals call the Thousand Acre Dog Park, formally known as the Sandy River Delta Park. The Sandy River Delta Park, located in Troutdale, Oregon, is a dog’s paradise. The park has 1,400 acres of looping trails to explore, endless open fields to run around in, two rivers to swim and play in, wildflowers to adore, and wetlands to admire. The park, which is part of the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area, is also very popular for mountain biking, birding, and horseback riding. I have decided that this is my new favorite dog park in Oregon, and I hope to be able to visit often!

Stretching before the hike.
There were miles of looping trails to explore.
Beautiful wildflowers lined the trails.
The colors were beautiful.
Dad brought my new birthday present to kick around the trails for me!
I popped it almost immediately. 
There were paw prints everywhere. 
Mom and Dad did not want to play in the muddy parts.
We finally happened upon the Sandy River, where buttloads of dogs were playing!
Like this one.
And this one.
To my parents’ surprise, I jumped right in! (I am known to not love swimming in the pool/ocean.)
It took me a bit to understand where to go!
 I finally got the hang of it when Mom and Dad started playing fetch with this big cigar-looking branch.
All the doggies were racing for the cigars!
I couldn’t stop smiling because it was one of the happiest days of my life. 
After a long, successful day of swimming and hiking, I was pooped!

Rating for Sandy River Delta Park


I gave this park two paws up because it was lively, scenic, and full of adventure. The trails are very easy, and dogs are allowed off-leash unless they are on the handicap-accessible trail, which is marked throughout the park. Always remember to assess your pup’s health before hiking or swimming, make sure to bring plenty of water, and stay close to your pup on your adventure.

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Dog-friendly day trip

Stay tuned for my next blog post, where I explore the Oregon coast!


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34 thoughts on “Day trip: Sandy River Delta Park

  1. Hi Scarlett. What a wonderful adventure for you and us to see. Can we go there when i come to visit the end of august? You can show me the beautiful state of Oregon, where you live. We will have fun!
    Two hands up for this Doggy Blog♡♡♡

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  2. Scarlett love your adventure at the Sandy River Delta Park. What fun to play with others on the trails and in the river! So happy they have dog friendly trails 🙂 #feetdotravel

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Awesome!! You found your new favourite park! Shame you popped your birthday present, I guess your Mum and Dad will just have to get you another lol. Yaaay for 2 paws up for this park! #feetdotravel

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  4. Sandy River Delta Park looks like the perfect place to go out with he dog. It’s good there are pet friendly places like this around. Your pictures of other dogs visiting show how popular Sandy River Delta Park is.

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  5. Happy birthday! It looks like you found a perfect spot to celebrate. I’m in Washington right now. Thank you for getting all the rain out, so I could enjoy a sunny visit!

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    1. We had good luck hiking early afternoon hours (between 1-3) because there were a lot of dogs out and we had fun playing with a big crowd. However, if you want a quiet time with your dog, I would recommend showing up when they open at dawn 🙂 It is a truly magical place.


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