Dog-friendly hotel: 9 Mile Farm


After our beautiful hiking trip in British Columbia, we stayed at a charming AirB&B in Marrowstone, Washington. Marrowstone is a magical island at the tip-top point of Washington state below Victoria, BC. I am not a fan of camping, so we decided to give glamping a try. The drive in to the site was the worst part of the trip, and it truly scared me. We took a wrong turn because it was dark, and the signs were hard to make out. We ended up getting stuck in an overgrown forest where our car got stuck between the trees! It felt like the beginning of a scary movie, which set the tone of the night for me. Once Mom finally backed out without flipping the car, we finally found the site. It made me growl.


I’m not going to lie; it looked creepy as hell at night. We made our way up to a dark cabin with no lights to make dinner. We couldn’t find a way to turn on the lights, so Mom and her friends used the flashlights and lantern to heat up leftover pho. They made me eat boring kibble on the floor, which was pretty disappointing. I threw up right after I ate because I was feeling car sick. We went back to the site where our glamping tent was waiting. Mom and her friends started a fire, and I was on guard-dog alert because there were too many smells and sounds I didn’t know. I kept hearing sounds and began growling into the dark forest. Mom and her friends seemed to be having a blast drinking beer, but I have seen a lot of scary movies, and I wasn’t about to take chances. I stayed up all night growling. At one point in the night, Mom woke up because there were coyotes howling like crazy outside. I started to bark, and Mom cuddled me to tell me it was going to be okay. The next morning we looked around, and the farm wasn’t scary at all!

The beautiful cabin where we cooked meals.
The primitive sink and kitchen.
The pantry where the owner left goodies.
The top shelf was free.
The bottom shelf was pay what you can.
Fresh fruit and Nutella for breakfast!
The breakfast area.
Outdoor eating area.
Ominous van.
Cute bike to ride around the property.
Cute porch swing.
Hammock that Mom spent all morning in.
This creeped me out a little.
The remnants of our fire.
Inside the pretty glamping tent.
Inside the glamping tent.
The bed no one slept on because it was freezing. We all cuddled in the big one!
The owner left water bottles and a s’mores kit for our fire.
The outside, which was decorated adorably.

Rating for the 9 mile farm AirB&B:


If it were Mom’s choice, she’d say it was 2 paws up because she loved this little place. However, I gave this AirB&B 1 paw up because camping and glamping are far too scary for me. The sounds, smells, and critters give me buttloads of anxiety. If your pup is a guard dog, this may be a bad choice for her. This AirB&B would be the perfect romantic getaway in the woods, and I would highly recommend it for couples. The highlights of the place were the cozy bed, the fun snacks, and the campfire. Mom said it was a great deal too at only $55 USD per night. Here is a link to the property, if you ever decide to venture to Washington:ย

Remember to arrive during the day so you don’t make the same mistakes we did!

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Dog-friendly hotel_ 9 mile farm in Marrowstone, WA

Stay tuned for my next blog post, where I explore Vancouver, British Columbia.


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38 thoughts on “Dog-friendly hotel: 9 Mile Farm

  1. Scarlett is ahead of me since I have never glamped! I love to camp but I have interest in glamping. The correct opportunity has not crossed my path. I like this place a lot. It is more of a cabin in the woods. Plus, it is nice that they have some stuff on the shelves (even if you have to pay something). #feetdotravel

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  2. I found a new blog to read! Hi Scarlett, Im Scout the AdventureDawg. Iโ€™m a puppy blogger too. I love to write about my camping adventures with my family. This place looks really cool. I like the tent, I usually glamp in my familyโ€™s RV. I get the couch bed. I canโ€™t wait to read about the rest of your adventures. Hi paw!
    Safe Travels – Scout ๐Ÿพ

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  3. I love this place! We just booked an Airbnb at Lake Tahoe and plan to take our pup. If we ever venture to Washington with our road-trip-loving Bailey, we would love to stay in this place and explore!

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