Hiking Spotlight: Lacamas Creek Trail

It’s been quite a while since I’ve written regularly, since my Mom was finishing her grad degree. She is FINALLY free, and we have so many wonderful adventures to catch up on. One of my new favorite dog-friendly adventure spots is in the beautiful town of Camas, Washington. Lacamas Park is an easy 45-minute drive out of Portland, and the Lacamas Creek Trail is a 4.3 mile loop hike. The hike has light elevation gain and boasts incredible waterfall and wildflower views. Since it’s been forever, we have pictures of this hike from our winter and spring adventures for you to enjoy.

My, “Shoot, it’s way too cold out today,” face.
Here we go! 
The snow-blanketed forest.
A snowy stump. 
Me and my friend Jena, chillin’. 
A view of the lovely lower falls. 
A view of the pristine upper falls. 
Still cold. 
Still cold. 
All right ladies, I’m freezing. Let’s head back! 
We came across a magical, raging river. 
Mom trying to warm me up. 
Our beautiful walk back through the snowy, mossy forest. 
The beginning of this hike in the spring (note my elated expression).
The sunny, glowing forest. 
Camas flowers, which the trail and city are named after.
The flowery view of upper falls. Perfect for a picnic.
Both seasons were perfect in their own way.
After this magical day, I was bundled up on the couch for my nap. 
Thank you for sharing my adventure! 

Rating for Lacamas Creek Trail


I gave this hike 2 paws up because the views are magical in every season, and there are so many perfect little spots for a picnic and a treat. The mossy trees, wildflowers, and racing creek are stunning to explore. The trail is rated easy, and pups need to be leashed throughout the hike. As always, I recommend assessing your pup’s health before the hike, making sure to bring plenty of water, and staying close to your pup throughout the trail.

Pin this, pups:

Hiking Spotlight Lacamas Creek Trail

Stay tuned for my next blog post, where I catch up on more hiking adventures!

Happy Birthday, Grammy!


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16 thoughts on “Hiking Spotlight: Lacamas Creek Trail

  1. Would love this trail – as a human, though it looks perfect for any pup, too. 🙂 I feel like I’ve been on it, but can’t remember for sure – so many gorgeous trails in the Pacific Northwest. Beautiful photos! And a seriously cute (and literate) dog. Thanks for sharing #FeetDoTravel

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  2. Such a beautiful hike! Especially the raging river looks magical! Would love to have a picnic with these views! I´ve never heard of the Lacamas Creek Trail before, thanks for the inspiration #FeetDoTravel

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