Dog-Friendly Day Trip: Dodge Park


This week, I was craving a refreshing swim, and we found the best watering hole in Sandy, Oregon. Only 20 miles east of Portland, Dodge Park is a swimming and fishing paradise for humans and puppies to enjoy. They typically offer campsites, but due to the Pandemic they are not allowing overnight stays at this time. Me and Mom were eager to get in the cool water, and we ended up having the best day ever!

The day started off pretty rocky.

Mom is a daredevil, and she immediately took off her shoes and started across the river jumping from rock to rock. I knew I was going to have to jump in to save her eventually.

Navigating the slippery rocks. 

Mom thought it was funny to take pictures of me slipping around on the rocks.

Oop, I was stuck here. 
We got into the middle of the river, and we realized the river had a heavier current. 

Once we realized there was a current in the middle of the river, I decided it was time to save Mom and lead her back to Dad who was lounging on some rocks far away.

C’mon Mom! Just a little further. 

Once we were safely back with Dad, we decided to relax for a while, and we watched families swimming in the distance. There was an area with calmer water, but there were quite a few families, and we are trying to social distance as much as we can.

Hangin’ with Dad. 
We had the best time ever! 

We decided to find another spot, a bit further out from the crowds, and we were able to find a calm swimming hole. Me and Mom jumped in, and we played fetch for a long time. We didn’t take any pictures because we were having too much fun!

The entrance to Dodge Park. 

Rating for Dodge Park: 


I gave Dodge Park two paws up because it was a refreshing and relaxing park to hang out with your family and your best pup. As always, be sure your dog has the proper fitness level to be able to swim in a place like this. There are dangerous areas with heavy river currents, and there are bear and fishing traps at the end of the river. Be sure to always stay close to your pup if you decide to go for a swim.

I hope you enjoyed our river adventure!

Stay tuned for our next dog-friendly adventure.


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Happy trails pups!




9 thoughts on “Dog-Friendly Day Trip: Dodge Park

  1. Hi Scarlett Begonia! You are more beautiful than ever! I love you baby girl & hope to see you again soon! Your adventures are always so wonderful & I am always there with you in spirit! Be good little girl! You are the very best doggie! 🐶 🐕!!! Have fun on your adventures! You deserve the very best!
    Your Grammy Barbara😇 (angelwings)

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      1. She will go in if my partner or I go in, but not far. While visiting the Isle of Skye, my partner had to carry her over a river. Its cutely pathetic – if that’s a thing! ☺️

        Liked by 1 person

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