Dog-friendly day trip: Bonneville Salt Flats

On our road trip, we made a last-minute decision to check out the salt flats in Tooele County, Utah. The salt flats are remnants of the ancient Lake Bonneville, and they stretch over I-80 between the Great Salt Lake and Wendover, Nevada. The dried-up lake looks frozen over from the highway, and we were excited to get off I-80 to check it out.

Posing with the car in the middle of the salt flats

The best route to drive onto the flats is off Exit 4 toward the Bonneville Speedway. Follow the speedway signs and turn right toward the parking area. Once you reach the parking lot, you can safely veer off onto the salty old lake. Be careful where you drive off if you decide to take another route because you can get your car stuck in the mud! I wasn’t going to let Mom and Dad take any chances. My Dad did decide to do donuts in the car because it is a famous speedway!

The salty texture

After running around for awhile, I noticed the texture of the ground is hard and salty, and I was not a huge fan of how it felt on my paws. It was not hot to the touch, but it could hurt your paws if you run on it for too long. I felt super thirsty, and Mom let me drink a lot out of my water jug. Make sure to bring a ton of water and sunscreen for your pup! The ground is reflective, so it’s very easy to get a pup-burn on your chin and nose.

Running with Papa
This looks like a car ad
Tired after a day of exploring

Rating for Bonneville Salt Flats:

I thought that Bonneville Salt Flats was a breathtaking adventure. If you plan ahead, be sure to bring plenty of water, sunscreen, and possibly a picnic to enjoy the incredible views. Pro tip: We saw many RVs that brought out lawn chairs with a blanket and large umbrellas to hang out in the middle of the flats. We plan to do that next time we go so we can hang out longer. The sun is blinding here, so be sure to bring good sunglasses as well. I hope you enjoyed our day at the Bonneville Salt Flats. Stay tuned for our next dog-friendly adventure.

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Happy trails pups!

10 thoughts on “Dog-friendly day trip: Bonneville Salt Flats

  1. It looks so desolate and yet pretty. I’ve not been here, but it looks like the salt pan of the desert in Tunisia. Can you see fossils or signs of water life that used to be there? I’d love to give my dog experiences like this!

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    1. It is also part of the desert in Utah, and it is an ancient dried-up salty lake. There are signs of water across the highway still. Like the Great Salt Lake, the water is so salty that only tiny shrimp can survive. You should absolutely make a trip out one day 🙂


  2. Scarlett, Enjoy your USA travels! Love you my great grand doggy! Hugs & kisses!❤️❤️❤️ I loved being with you, if only a few days! You are the most traveled doggy in the 🌎 world.🐶
    You forever Scarlett! Miss you!👋your Grammy!😇😇😇

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  3. We have fairly extensive Salt Lakes here in South Australia but most of them are in National Parks and no dogs allowed. Any really nice feature and the SA Government have slapped a National Park ticket on it and restricted access. There is a place about 12 klms. out of town called ” Wild Dog Hill” (20 Sq. Klms) and yes , you guessed it – it’s a Conservation Park – No Dogs Allowed. Oh anyone can go there – just don’t take a dog. Even the desert is a National Park.


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