Dog-friendly day trip: Painted Hills, Oregon

One of my favorite dog-friendly places to hike and explore in Oregon is the Painted Hills. The Painted Hills are located about 3 hours southeast of Portland in the desert near Mitchell, Oregon. Known to be one of the seven wonders of Oregon, the best way to describe this area is magical, deserted, and wild. An easy trail to explore with your pup is the Painted Cove Nature Trail.

The view was magnificent
The colorful, painted hills
Dog-friendly trail
Checking out the hills with Dad
The texture was very rocky, crumbly, and dry
A gorgeous view ahead
Cheesin’ in front of these hills
I can’t wait to go back to explore more

Rating for Painted Hills:

I would give this area four paws up if I could because we have the best time exploring desert hikes. Although it’s hard to see in the pictures, the hills are vivid reds, greens, and lavender, which makes for a fantastic, eye-opening hike with your pup. I highly recommend packing lots of water and sunscreen since it’s dry, as well as a lunch to enjoy a picnic at the viewpoints. Since the area is desert land, be careful to keep your pup with you at all times to avoid them stepping in any cacti or worse… We actually heard a rattlesnake on this trail! Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for our next dog-friendly adventure.

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Happy trails pups!

15 thoughts on “Dog-friendly day trip: Painted Hills, Oregon

    1. We actually drove all morning, and we didn’t arrive until noonish. Since the weather was stormy coming in, we were lucky enough to catch the rainbow. The clouds actually parted, and the rest of the day was sunny and perfect.

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  1. That does look like a great place to visit. I love the rainbow photo, but am less enthralled by the idea of treading on cacti (not a problem here in Scotland!)
    My owner Gail has friends in Tacoma and has been to Washington State several times but has never made it down to Oregon. Maybe when International travel again is possible….
    Toodle pip!
    PS Thanks for visiting my blog

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    1. You would definitely have to be off trail to tread on any cacti, they are well maintained. We do try to keep Scarlett on leash in the desert so she doesn’t sniff the wrong bush! I’d highly recommend a trip through the mountains and beaches of Oregon one day. Thanks for stopping by Bertie 🙂


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