Dog-friendly hike: Siamese Twins Trail at Garden of the Gods

One of my favorite places to hike in the country is at Garden of the Gods park in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The park is a geological wonderland with red rocks galore. There are tons of beautiful dog-friendly trails throughout the park. We started our day on the Central Loop, but there were too many people, so we looked for a calmer trail. An easy, low-traffic trail for you and your pup to explore is the Siamese Twins trail.

The trailhead does not mention dogs, but as long as they’re leashed, they’re welcome
The views were beautiful
Of course Mom made me pose on the first rock she finds
The hike was too easy and had low elevation gain
There are plenty of cacti out here, so don’t let your pup sniff off the trail
The rock formations in the distance kind of remind me of my treats
There is a huge payoff at the end of the trail
Mom, stop taking pics and keep up
I guess these are the Siamese Twins
A beautiful view for a picnic
Mom thought it would be impressive to climb the rocks again
The rest of the trail was an easy walk down
I highly recommend a drive around to take in all the park’s beauty

Rating for Siamese Twins trail:

I gave the Siamese Twins Trail two paws up because it’s a very easy beginner trail for pups. Most of the trails in the park are pretty easy. If you decide to come out for an adventure with your pup, don’t forget to bring lots of water and a snack. It is very easy for you or your dog to get dehydrated since it’s a high elevation desert atmosphere. I recommend the snack for your pup because you may want to have a picnic at the top of your hike, and you can’t forget your beloved doggie treats. I would recommend this hike to all dogs at any skill level. I hope you enjoyed our day at Garden of the Gods, stay tuned for our next dog-friendly adventure!

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Happy trails pups!

12 thoughts on “Dog-friendly hike: Siamese Twins Trail at Garden of the Gods

  1. Your pictures are stunning, as usual. I’ve never been to a desert with a dog. Are there any special precautions that you should take? You mention foos and water, but is timing a key factor? In warmer months would you need to do anything different?

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      1. Ask away! We’ve never been brave enough to venture into the desert in the summer because it gets unbearably hot. There is always a chance to get sunburnt so it’s very important to wear sunscreen, even if it’s cold. So the best prep you can do is plenty of water, food, sunscreen, and a full tank of gas. You don’t want to get stuck too far out of civilization without a full tank!


  2. Oooh, a geological wonderland! I love the picture of you posing on the rock. What a splendid place to visit, although it’s a shame you have to be on a leash. (My owner Gail tells me that in your country, almost all trails require dogs to be on a leash, and I should enjoy the freedom us pups have most places in Scotland, even if our weather isn’t always so great….)
    Toodle pip!

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    1. Hey Bertie ♥️ it honestly depends on the area of the hike. National protected areas like this one require the doggies to be leashed, but we do a lot of trails where I can run free too. I do prefer to be free and not leashed! Scotland is amazing, my Mama wants to visit.


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