Dog-friendly hotel: The Ashore Hotel in Seaside, Oregon

I am a hotel girl. I know it sounds spoiled since I’m a pup who hikes and should like to ruff it, but I love a good hotel bed over camping any day. I was a rescue, and I’m done sleeping on the dirty ground in this lifetime. Mom says I throw tantrums when we camp because it’s not luxurious enough for me. She’s not wrong!

Being luxurious in my hotel blanket

One of my favorite dog-friendly hotels to stay at is The Ashore Hotel in Seaside, Oregon. *This is not a sponsored post* The hotel is eco-friendly, and they love doggies of all sizes. We have a hard time finding good accommodations without high pet fees since I’m a larger dog. Discrimination! This hotel seriously loves big doggies. The hotel offers fun amenities for pups and people such as treats, local tea and coffee, fireplaces in the rooms, cozy robes, free DVD or board game rentals, and free bike rentals to ride around the beach. If you want to venture out of your room, the hotel also has a heated saline pool, a dry sauna, and a great bar. We love renting a movie, sparking up the fire, and having a cozy movie night after a long day at the beach. We love renting movies such as Overboard, The Goonies, and Free Willy, which were all filmed in this area of the Oregon Coast. The best part is that the hotel is right across the street from beach access, and the cute downtown area is a minute walk away.

The cozy memory foam beds
Mom thinks these sliding barn doors are cool
Interesting lights
The cute little fireplace
Downtown Seaside
The Seaside Aquarium
Having fun at the beach! A coat is a necessity when it’s cold!
I always find the best fetching sticks

Rating for Ashore Hotel:

I’ve rated the Ashore two paws up because they are loving to dogs and offer great amenities for both dogs and their people. The average night at the hotel is only $80 USD plus a pet fee of only $20 for any size pet. The amenities make the stay worth the extra pet fee. We stay here every time we go to Seaside, and we plan to keep up the tradition. We hope you are able to visit this hotel with your pup one day. Here is a link to the property in case you want to check it out: Stay tuned for our next dog-friendly adventure.

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Happy trails pups!

24 thoughts on “Dog-friendly hotel: The Ashore Hotel in Seaside, Oregon

    1. Welcome to the U.S.A., lots of discrimination here ;). I work at Hilton, and we actually can’t stay there with Scarlett. Many hotels have a “dogs under 40 to 80 pounds limit” which means we can’t stay at all. Many charge large pet fees for dogs over 80 pounds in the $75 plus range (looking at you Hilton). Some hotels have breed discrimination! It’s really sad when you can only travel without your pup to be able to stay in the fancier hotels, aside from a few brands such as W or Kimpton hotels. It takes me hours of research to find little gems like this hotel. This one is actually affordable and great!

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  1. Hi Scarlett, I love hotels too, and I’m not even a rescue dog. Beats camping any day – especially given the weather in my part of the world… Gail thinks the barn door and the cute little fireplace are great features, but in my opinion you can’t beat the beach.
    Toodle pip!

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  2. Looks like you found a great place to stay by the beach, so comfy and cozy. I have also found the size discrimination in places. It makes no sense to me. A little dog can do a lot of damage if they aren’t properly behaved. Size has nothing to do with it.

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  3. I hate all the limits on pets at hotels or the fees based on size. I’ve seen demonic little Yorkies cause more problems and damage than my three put together. I’ve been wanting to go to Oregon for a while to visit Astoria (you know why) so we will visit this hotel for sure!!! Thank you.

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    1. It’s so true! I’d love to start a pet hotel chain one day that is geared towards no discrimination! One day 🙂 Astoria is the best! This is a really great option that’s close enough to Astoria and Cannon Beach so you can enjoy the northern coast easily.

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