Dog-friendly Christmas in Portland, Oregon

We’ve had a few wonderful dog-friendly adventures this year, but we haven’t been able to travel as much as usual due to Covid. We have decided to spend a quiet Christmas at home to keep our loved ones safe. In the meantime, I asked Mom and Dad for a little adventure on the town.

Posing at the city tree

Here are a couple of pictures of the street art and decor around the city to spread some cheer.

Oop, I’ve been distracted by this delicious burger 🍔
I love the deer statues around the city
Posing with the lights
The beautiful street art
The massive Portland tree 🌲

And last but not least, I’d like to give a shout-out to my home Christmas decor. There is nothing quite like your own home for the holidays.

Note the creepy clown behind the tree

I’m going to leave out my rating for this post since I am biased and love Portland. Despite the terrifying fake news we get, Portland is one of the best and safest dog-friendly cities in the United States. We hope you are able to visit one day when the world isn’t ending. Happy holidays, my friends! Stay tuned for our next dog-friendly adventure.

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Happy trails pups!

19 thoughts on “Dog-friendly Christmas in Portland, Oregon

  1. Love the huge Christmas tree. One day I really will visit Portland – my friends in Tacoma have one daughter currently studying there at Reed College and another is a Reed graduate, and I’ve heard lots of good things about the city. But due to Covid I’m currently banned from travelling outside Aberdeen city limits. That’s Aberdeen Scotland! (I did once drive through Aberdeen, Washington state, not a million miles from where you are). Cheers, Gail.

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    1. Reed College is very close to me, what a small world! Covid has definitely put a damper on travel this year, but we will be back to it in no time! Happy Holidays to you and Bertie, have a wonderful week Gail!


  2. I love how big Christmas is in the States. Everything seems supercharged! Scarlet looks like she loved her outing. It’s a very strange time with this pandemic, but we will prevail. I hope that you have a wonderful Christmas however you get to celebrate it 😊

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      1. That’s okay, Scarlett isn’t offended 😉 Christmas is definitely a big ordeal here, but we try to keep it small and less expensive if we can. It’s easy to go overboard! I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas week, enjoy it.

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