Bulldog reviews pup patty at In-N-Out Burger 🍔

I recently went on an adventure to In-N-Out Burger to try the famous puppy patty in Keizer, Oregon. The drive is about 45 minutes south of Portland, but it is so worth the trip for the best puppy patties you can get! The best part about the meat is that it’s hormone/antibiotic-free, and they don’t salt the puppy patty. I wanted two, but Mom only ordered one. Rude.

Mom took this postcard-perfect picture of the place.
We waited in line for over an hour because In-N-Out is very popular on the West Coast.
Feeling impatient.
It’s finally here!
I almost jumped into the front seat to eat it.
Ready to watch me eat it?
The drool is real!
Mom got an entire burger animal style. Don’t you think that puppies should be able to get animal style too? So unfair.
Dad got his fries animal style as well. Whatever, the pup patty is best IMO!

Review for In-N-Out Burger:

I’ve awarded the pup patty at In-N-Out two paws up because it was a truly delicious and quality patty. The patty was so good, I’m not going to take away a paw for the ridiculously long wait. Mom and Dad think their burgers are the best, and I don’t disagree. I think if they were a bit more generous and added extra patties, it wouldn’t hurt! I highly recommend all pups try the patty if they ever drive by an In-N-Out. I hope you enjoyed my first YouTube video! Stay tuned for more dog-friendly adventures.

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Happy trails, pups!

14 thoughts on “Bulldog reviews pup patty at In-N-Out Burger 🍔

  1. Wahoo!!! Burgers are my favorite too! One day soon we must go there with your mom and definitely share a Wanna Burger for two!!! Thanks Scarlett for all the good delicious news! Burgers rule!!!👍
    Love ❤️ you pretty girl! Grammy/ Barbara😇

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We didn’t know about it until recently! I’m so glad you liked the video 🙂 we are going to try to mix it up and do more restaurants, hikes, and places to go that are dog-friendly in general.


  2. Oh man, we didn’t know this was an option! Definitely something I’ve gotta try now that we live near so many In-N-Out restaurants. I just think my tiny dog will need to split it up into a few meals!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, they are definitely a good treat but made to eat sparingly! I love that they are salt-free since most fast food is loaded with sodium. We get this as a treat very rarely. I’m honestly glad we live 45 minutes from our nearest In-N-Out!


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