Dog-friendly hiking in Mount Hood National Forest

Before I start today’s review, I want to update you on a few New Year changes for my blog. I am planning on transitioning our blog into a photo blog (more photos with captions, less writing between pics). The reason I’ve decided to take this route is to save time on writing while placing increased focus on our new YouTube channel. The videos take many hours throughout the week to edit, and it’s not feasible to do both while maintaining good quality. We’re working on quality over quantity, so please bear with us on this transition!

Thank you for reading my pups!

On that note, I am going to play catch-up and introduce last week’s video and adventure first. We had a lovely rainy day adventure in Portland, and we hiked Latourell Falls in the Columbia River Gorge. To read more about Latourell Falls, check out this post on the hike I wrote a couple of years ago:

Our rainy day adventure video:

Sammich is an amazing sandwich spot; they gifted me a brisket treat!
The cute storefront.
Smelling the delicious meat!
Mom didn’t gift me any of her sammie, which was quite rude!
Spotted this cutie who was serious about no solicitors on his property.
Mom and Dad wanted a tea and coffee break.
The obligatory sign shot 🙄
No pups allowed inside!
Mom taunting me with a picture of the treats!
I get her back in the video 😉
The rain subsided just in time for our hike.
Looking dope in front of the falls.

Our next video adventure is our hike in the old growth forest in Mount Hood National Forest. Roughly one hour east of Portland, this hike is worth the drive for the stunning views, mossy ancient trees, and the swift raging river.

Our Mount Hood hiking trail video:

The trail welcomes leashed pups!
A rec pass is required from May to October.
Someone left these cute painted rocks along the trail.
My friend Luna’s Mom took some beautiful photos while Mom was filming!
This was my favorite 😂 such a diva!
My Aunt Kathy cartooned this picture too 🥰
Me and my little bestie.
I love her!
Enjoying the views.
I was so happy that day!

Rating for both hikes:

You really can’t go wrong hiking in the Pacific Northwest. From the mossy trees to the stunning waterfalls, there is beauty for every hiker and their pup to enjoy. I may be a bit bias because I live here, but I think these are some of the best hiking spots in the United States. Both hikes are relatively easy and good for pups of all skill levels. As always, remember to bring plenty of water for your pup to stay hydrated. If an area of the trail looks too hard for your pup to traverse, don’t be afraid to test it and turn around if it’s too tough. I hope you are enjoying our new YouTube content. Let me know what else you would love to see on this channel!

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Happy trails pups!

17 thoughts on “Dog-friendly hiking in Mount Hood National Forest

  1. ‘Bravo’ Scarlett on the reviews of Mount Hood Hiking! Big Dog 🐶 Travel was very informative and we learned a lot about Scarlett’s adventures on her hike on Mt Hood. Looking forward to more adventures with Scarlett, the ultimate star of ‘Big Dog Travels’!
    Your Big Fan, Grammy Barbara😇

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  2. Oh, what fun! I love coffee, so that coffee shop looks amazing! And rolling around on the sand? Can we come join you?

    Looking forward to your videos!

    Liked by 1 person

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