Scarlett stayed in her first yurt in Oregon

Did you know I don’t like camping?

Over the years, I’ve brought up how much camping terrifies me. All the sounds and smells are a lot for a pup to handle. Plus sleeping on the ground is not as cozy as a hotel bed. I can, however, get behind a warm and cozy glampsite. Mom recently found a beautiful yurt in Springfield, Oregon.

Here is a link to the yurt AirBnB if you are interested in checking it out:

We also did an amazing snow hike in Mount Hood National Forest called the Pioneer Bridle Trail. We had tried this hike before, but it was even more magical in the snow. I found out I love to eat lots of snow to stay hydrated on our adventures.

The beautiful Pioneer Bridle Trail
I’m a snow dog at heart
The magical yurt
The bed was cozy and warm
The stars in the skylight at night

Ratings for the Yurt and Trail:

Are you surprised? I rate a lot of my adventures two paws up because I love most of the places we go. We only have a couple of one paw up ratings, and I don’t believe I’ve ever rated anything no paws up. Both of these adventures were so magical, I had to give them a top dog rating. I hope you’re enjoying our new channel. Please let me know if there is anything you’d like to see from us!

Happy Trails Pups!

16 thoughts on “Scarlett stayed in her first yurt in Oregon

  1. This yurt is beautiful. Excuse my naivety, but (looking at the picture of the stars) is the top open all the time? This is definitely my style of camping – a comfy bed and space to stand up!

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    1. The skylight is a domed window that you can keep open or closed. So in the summer, you can keep it open for a breeze. We chose to keep it closed since it’s freezing outside, but it was lovely to see the stars through the window.


  2. Hi Scarlett,
    Wow, that is one swanky tent! The skylight is a super special feature. And what a beautiful hike. I too love to hike in the snow, and Gail says it make me act like a puppy again. Sadly she has never taken me camping, due to what she says was a “bad experience” with my predecessor Hamish the Westie, and also the vagiaries of the Scottish climate…
    Toodle pip!

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    1. Camping can definitely be scary in some scenarios, I’m sorry Gail had a bad experience. We try to pick campsites and areas we feel very safe at. The yurt had a locking door which was comforting. Have a happy Valentines my friends!


    1. The heaters really helped, it felt so cozy. Scarlett growls a lot when we camp, and I actually put rain noises on for her so she doesn’t get too upset 😂 She has to tough it out sometimes because we can’t always afford hotels on every trip.

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