New Adventures

Oh, hello my friend

We have had many new puppy adventures since I last wrote, so I’ve decided to make a bit of a catch up post. I love writing, but the world of video editing has proven to be extra time-consuming. I’ll start from a few weeks ago.

We took a beautiful snow hike to two magnificent frozen waterfalls in the Willamette National Forest, which is about 3 hours south of Portland, Oregon. The hike is the Diamond Creek Falls loop trail. There are multiple trails in the area to check out, and we did about 5 miles that day. If you are a dog that tires easily or has a hard time with steep elevation, this is not the hike for you! Check out my YouTube to learn more:

We did a complete 180 from the snow when we found a really cool coastal hike at the Oregon Dunes recreation area. The dunes are about 3 hours southwest of Portland, Oregon. The hike was elementally diverse, starting with a magical jaunt through an old growth rainforest, which turned into a challenging dune hike, then ended at the Pacific coast. The hike is called the Tahkenitch Dunes trail. The hike is moderate to harder depending on how long you decide to make it. We did about 4 miles, and it was a pretty good leg burner. Check out my YouTube to learn more:

Lastly, this past week we found a super fun, dog-friendly winery, Plum Hill Vineyards. The vineyard was about 45 minutes west of Portland and so worth a weekend excursion. They boast being your dog’s favorite winery, and they did not disappoint. The vineyard was decorated with dog-themed items and had an on-site fenced dog park. The owner spoiled Scarlett with lots of treats. We enjoyed the wine a lot; our favorite was the 2016 Patio Pinot Noir. Check out my latest YouTube video for more information:


Of course, everywhere we went received two paws up! I’m beginning to think we have better research skills then ever, and we don’t go to places that are less than the best these days. We’ll see what the future has in store, though!

Thank you for reading and watching my adventures this week. I’d love to hear any feedback on the videos, so I can continue to improve my new channel.

Happy Trails, Pups!

15 thoughts on “New Adventures

  1. Hi Scarlett, Love traveling with you!
    It was great to see snow again as you walked & hiked thru the area. I live in the tropics, so no snow here! Giving you two paws up for this hike adventure! Love ❤️ you pretty girl! Grammy Barbara

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  2. You have some really gorgeous places to walk by you. I love the videos. They’re a short version of a long post and give so much more (you can’t describe scenes perfectly!). Great first picture BTW 😊

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  3. What great adventures. Especially loved Scarlett’s ‘rolling paradise’ at the Dunes. Wished I’d have checked out the winery on my last trip to Oregon-perhaps next time. Thanks for sharing such pawsome videos. Bravo!


  4. Those are wonderful videos – so great to watch at a time when here in Scotland we’re still not allowed to travel. The waterfalls are spectacular, and I loved the footage of Scarlett wrinkling her nose, the better to appreciate the sweet smells of the forest. Bertie too loves a good roll in the sand dunes!
    Cheers, Gail.

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    1. Thank you Bertie and Gail ♥️ we have very limited travel ability too, so we try to make the best of any outdoor spaces we can hang out in. Have a wonderful weekend! Sincerely, Scarlett


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