Dog-Friendly Spring Fun in Portland 🌸

This Spring, we’ve been taking advantage of the sunny weather, and we’re trying to get out to parks and outdoor dining more often. We’ve been vaccinated, so we are feeling more comfortable being out and about with friends. Our last couple adventures were relaxed compared to our usual hiking destinations.

Smelling the cherry blossom trees

A few weeks back, we had a beautiful day enjoying the Cherry Blossom trees at Tom McCall Waterfront Park near Chinatown in Portland. These trees bloom all over the city, but there is a massive row of them at the waterfront to enjoy. Learn more about this gorgeous annual event on my YouTube:

Last week, we had a hotel staycation at a Hilton property in downtown Portland. We checked in, ordered Chinese food, and just relaxed and cuddled. Scarlett loved people watching at the window. I work for another Hilton in town, so we will not be giving a “paws up” review on this property. Check out the story on my YouTube:

We are trying to spend as much time enjoying Portland and the PNW as we can this summer, because my husband is graduating, and we have other destinations and travels in mind. Please let us know if there is anything you want to see us do in Portland or the surrounding area in the meantime.

Stay tuned for our next adventure, when Scarlett visits Lucky Lab, a dog-friendly brewery in Portland.

Thank you for reading and watching our adventures this week. Please send any feedback on our videos, and let us know what you would like to see in the future or how we can improve.

Happy Trails, Pups!

16 thoughts on “Dog-Friendly Spring Fun in Portland 🌸

  1. Max has been to the Lucky Labrador on several occasions. He sat on the back patio on the benches and indulged in bits ‘o burger that we fed him. Meanwhile, the Alpha Japanese Female and I quaffed malted barley beverages and people-watched. We dog-watched too because there were so many breeds. Max was perhaps the smallest at the time.

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    1. Dear Scarlett, Mom & Dad!
      Thank you for sharing your Portland, Oregon travel around the city! The Cherry Blossem trees were just lovely! I could vision the aroma fragrance just looking at their beauty. We love your travel posts Scarlett! Keep them coming as you & parents travel to all new destinations around the USA!🐶🐶🐶👋


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