Who am I?

Welcome to my travel blog! My name is Scarlett Boney Begonias, but you can call me Scarlett. I started off with my shelter name Bonny, or “Boney,” back when Mom and Dad picked me. They said I was seriously boney back then because I didn’t get to eat much in Miami. I was abandoned in my old backyard in Miami for weeks when I was just a pup, and luckily I was saved! I got to move into the Yacht Club with Mom and Dad. It was fancy as hell! I got to eat all the meat, bones, and trash a girl could imagine! Although, I wasn’t technically allowed to eat the trash because Mom and Dad called me “Trashmouth” when I did. But it was delicious!

Anyways, the reason I was left behind in Miami is because I am an American bulldog, closely related to the “evil” pit bull. Pit bulls were banned in Miami by some weird law because people think they look mean, and they get a bad rap. Apparently, people misconstrue me as a pit bull all the time and they tell me to go away. One lady even called me “ugly pit bull,” and my mom called her an ugly pit bull back!

So I am here to show everyone that bulldogs, pit bulls, and other banned breeds are actually pretty sweet. My mom let me start this travel blog because I LOVE to travel, and I want to experience all the dog parks, bones, foods, and hotels all over the world. Follow me on my journey, and I’ll keep you updated on all the places that are safe for dogs like us!