Creative dog-friendly Halloween costumes

Me and my pawrents’ favorite holiday is Halloween. It’s basically our Christmas, and we love to go all out every year. I wanted to make a post highlighting my favorite costumes over the years.

Not sure who I was here, but my Mom thought this look was hilarious

Before we start, I want you to know, I actually love dressing up. As long as the outfit is comfy and not humiliating, I’ll wear it. Mom has made me many costumes over the years.

My tutu and bow for my pawrents’ wedding
My scarf and jewelry for occasional events like my birthday
Dad’s beard and hairnet from work, just for fun. It’s an ice cream factory, so I had an ulterior motive 😉

Here are three of my favorite group Halloween costumes that Mom, Dad, and I have done the past few years.

  1. BoJack Horseman and crew. This is a really fun and easy group costume to do with your pup. Mr. Peanutbutter is already a dog, so I only needed a grey shirt and sunglasses to complete the look. You may need a way of securing the sunglasses to your pup’s head, unless you want to just have the look for pictures!
Dad as BoJack Horseman
Me as Mr. Peanutbutter
Mom as Todd

2. Homeward Bound. This is a great, yet kind of weird costume to do with your dog. We found a creepy golden retriever mask and a basic cat mask that my mom had to paint to look like Sassy. The costume turned out creepier than expected, which was fine because it’s Halloween 🙂

Me as Chance (I already kind of look like this pup, so this was easy)
Dad as Shadow
Mom as Sassy (horrifying, right?)
We took this picture on a hike, and we received many strange looks from other hikers

3. Good Burger. We thought it would be funny to dress up as fast food employees from the ’90s movie Good Burger. Mom dressed up as a character from the nemesis chain Mondo Burger to spice up the costume. We walked around the neighborhood with my bestie Luna, who was dressed as Georgie from It. This may have been our best costume yet!

Good Burger vs. Mondo Burger
My friend Luna dressed as Georgie (pc to her Mom @corgilunatic)
Best buds 🙂

Today’s post will not have a paw rating because it would be biased to rate 2 paws up for all of these costumes. What did you guys think? Do you dress up your pup every year for Halloween? I’d love to hear all about your costumes and Halloween festivities in the comments.

Stay tuned for our next dog-friendly adventure.

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Happy trails pups!

8 thoughts on “Creative dog-friendly Halloween costumes

  1. Scarlett looked so happy in her tutu and Goodburger costumes. The look she’s giving the Sassy mask says it all. She’s such a champ. My guys hate wearing anything. Even their winter coats involve drama just to get them on.

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  2. This is so much fun! I suggested buying sash (my dog) an outfit and he laughed. It’s not as big an event in the UK! Well for anyone other than children. Does Scarlett ever try and take them off? My dog would be pawing it off as soon as we turned away!

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