Starbucks vs. Dutch Bros. vs. Black Rock: Battle of the pup cups!

If you know anything about me, you know I’m a foodie. I love pup cups, and I’m here to rate the best of the best in the Pacific Northwest. Pup cups are a coffee shop delicacy that traditionally consist of a squirt of whipped cream. They are free for pups! I took a fun adventure around Portland to rate pup cups at the city’s biggest drive-thru competitors.
The first stop was Starbucks. After the traditional greeting of, “Your pup is so cute, can she have a pup cup?” I tried my first one.

Where did all the whip go so fast?

The second stop was Dutch Bros. Coffee. This drive-thru coffee chain was born in Oregon, and locals are pretty addicted. Their pup cup was a surprising step up from Starbucks’ squirt of whipped cream.

A treat on top? Yes!
This one is my favorite so far.

The last stop was Black Rock Coffee, another born-out-of-Oregon drive-thru coffee chain. We didn’t get any pictures because the employee gave me a Milk-Bone right when we got to the window. They don’t do pup cups, but Mom thinks they’re the best, since they’re healthier than pup cups! I have to disagree.
Watch this week’s video to see who won the battle of the pup cups:

Rating for Starbucks, Dutch Bros., and Black Rock Coffee:

I honestly thought at least one of these chains was going to lose a paw or two, but they all treated me so sweetly. All three employees said “cute dog” and, “Would she like a pup cup?” immediately upon driving up to the window. They trained them well! I was surprised we didn’t have to ask. I want to go to more local coffee drive-thrus to keep performing this test. Mom says we can only go occasionally since whipped cream has sugar, so it’s not supposed to be eaten by pups very often. She thinks they should just do dog treats, but she is not always right! I think they all deserve their two paws up. I hope you are enjoying our new channel. Please let us know if there is anything else you’d like to see from us!

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Happy trails pups!

25 thoughts on “Starbucks vs. Dutch Bros. vs. Black Rock: Battle of the pup cups!

  1. Scarlett, it’s a burden we pups have to bear, that our humans are not always right. Especially when it comes to treats containing sugar!
    Gail, who can be such a cynic, wonders if there was ever a pup so ugly that the Starbucks employee failed to say he was ‘so cute’ …
    Toodle pip!

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  2. Sorry Scarlet, we’re with your mum on the pup cups. We also think when you’re looking for a good cuppa, you don’t normally associate that with Starbucks. Hopefully there are more traditional treats on your taste tests. 🦴🐾🦴🐾🦴🐾

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  3. My boys absolutely LOVE their little Puppuccinos they get at our local dog friendly café! It is so fun to watch them eat it (even if it doesn’t last very long)! This was a really fun and unique article and I love how much personality you put into each post! The photos and videos are great haha!

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  4. Whoa…cream and a treat bone?! That place rocks! Whenever you say coffee shop, my ears perk up and I’m the human! Enjoy your pup cups! (I believe you already have from the looks of your video!) Great fun!

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  5. we have no star bucks nor dutch bros in our area. butt the mama said we will go to rennes once to check starbucks.. our dad just formed 70miles with his lips butt he sid nothing… he knows when a man is better silent LOL

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