Scarlett’s New Mountain Home

After many years of living in Oregon, our lives have swiftly changed directions. This week, we are moving across the U.S. to start an Airbnb in western North Carolina. Scarlett is going to be stoked to have a house in the mountains, right on her own beautiful lake.

We will be welcoming visitors this spring, and our vision is to have a rustic, vintage national park theme. Dog-friendly, of course!

Visiting national parks and provincial parks throughout the U.S. and Canada has given us a lot of peace and adventure throughout the years, and we’ve had some of our favorite adventures hiking and exploring them.

I want to attract national park, camping, and dog lovers like us to our new home in the mountains.

Our adventures in Oregon have been some of the best times of our lives.

We hope to be able to come back seasonally once we’ve established ourselves in North Carolina.

I will be keeping up with Scarlett’s YouTube and Instagram throughout our roadtrip, and I will be back to blogging in December.

So this is bye for now, but not bye forever.

Happy trails, pups!

15 thoughts on “Scarlett’s New Mountain Home

  1. tht houe of miss scarlett is beautiful!! and we wish you da best adventures and we hope you will make many good friends … but that’s the case anyway… all peeps and pets who meet you want to be your friend ;O)

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